Grand Borovets – Resort of the Kings



Borovets is the oldest winter resort in Bulgaria. It’s history begins in 1896 when the first villa was built here. Soon after, the first residence of the Bulgarian monarch – Tsarska Bistritsa was also built. Created as hunting grounds for the royal family Borovets eventually became a modern ski-resort while preserving its fascinating nature. The resort is located at the foot of the Bakkans’ highest peak – Musala and is surrounded by the evergreen forests of Rila Mountain. The resort’s name comes from the Bulgarian word “Bor” meaning pine.


The white tracks


Heli-skiing for the daring, sleigh rides for the romantics, guided hikes for the naturalists.

Our partnership with ski-club “Chamkoria” guarantees the property owners in Grand Borovets, the possibility to enroll their children in professional courses for beginners.

The ski season begins in November and the mountains are covered in snow until May and in case of unfavorable weather, the resort is equipped with snow guns that are able to maintain the ski tracks in excellent condition.. Guests can enjoy 60 km of slope - a total of 18 different runs- the longest being 12 km. Skiers can choose between 14 different lifts, from baby tows to gondolas of total length of over 14 000m. The highest skiing point is located at 2550m above sea level. The cableway gives access to a breathtaking view of the surrounding peaks, Mt. Moussala, Mt. Malka, Moussala, Mt. Irichek, Mt. Deno, Mt. Aleko, and a huge selection of runs.


Borovets offers excellent conditions for skiing, night skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, ski-jumps, biathlon, ski-doo and a half pipe for snowboarders. The excellent facilities at the resort attract various winter sports competitions and Borovets has hosted the Alpine Skiing World Cup twice as well as the World Biathlon Championship.



In Summer as in Winter


Tourism in Borovets does not end with the melting of the snow. Sportsmen can get outside year round, taking trips to the Seven Lakes and hiking through the old growth forests of the National Park.


During the summer the resort is open for tennis players and for those who like equestrian sports, horseback riding is also available. In addition, Belchin Banya – a famous spa centre is located only 25 km from Borovets.


Bulgaria – a country with rich history


Bulgaria is a fascinating combination of the sunny and warm Black sea shore and the magnificent snowy mountain peaks. While exploring the country one can can find evidence of its ancient culture – fortresses, monasteries, roman roads, Thracian tombs, gold and silver treasures.

One can discover Bulgaria through its culture – different rituals, traditional crafts, music and dances that remain part of the Bulgarian customs to this day.


The land of the mystical Orpheus, Bulgaria is an ancient crossroad – where the East and West meet, where traditional and modern intertwine in one, while culture and customs have been preserved until today.

Our guests are deeply impressed by the quality of Bulgarian cuisine, of its variety and incredible taste. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, juicy meats, spicy meals, banitsa (cheese pastry) that melts in your mouth and Bulgaria’s famous yoghurt. 




Borovets is located between 1230m and 1390m above sea level. During the summer months the weather is moderately chilly (the average temperature measured in July is 15.2 C), and in winter it is mild and snowy (the average temperature measured in January is 4.8 C)